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Meet Leah (aka Tiny)

Almost two months ago, Leah was in a terrible accident and was fighting for her life…


On August 14, Leah was in a severe accident while working construction for Habitat for Humanity. A huge forklift was on an incline and it was muddy, the machine started to slip, and Leah was partially crushed underneath. Three vertebrae, T4, 5, and 6 were crushed, her right leg was crushed, and her lung was punctured. She had a multitude of surgeries and procedures, fighting for her life in many of them. Her right leg was amputated and she is paralyzed from the chest down.

Here’s what you should know about Leah: she is a builder, a dancer, a lover of animals and nature, a poet, an artist through and through. She loves life and soaks in the magic of the everyday. Before the accident, Leah lived in a gorgeous tiny studio that she 100% designed and built herself (down to splitting the shingles for the roof from a felled tree she found in the forest). She worked at Habitat during the day and spent evenings and weekends building a stationery company, Tiny and Snail, with her sister Grace.

So much has changed for Leah, but those things that matter most have remained the same. She remains keenly aware of the gift of life, continuing to express gratitude - even after facing such life altering events. She is grateful that her arms and hands still work and that she didn’t sustain any brain injuries. 

Leah is currently in rehab, learning life from scratch. She is as strong as they come in her size, a love warrior in every sense of the word.

Poetry has been like air to Leah over these past few weeks. One of the very first pieces of art she created for her hospital room was lettering a quote from the Mary Oliver poem, “The Summer Day.” "Tell me, what is it you plan to do / with your one wild and precious life?” We are all waiting with bated breath to see how Leah's wild and precious life unfolds in the coming months and years. 

In addition to being sustained by poetry, dance and movement have been constant companions to Leah during her battle. Even without the use of her legs, she had daily dance parties in the ICU with her sister and continues to dance at rehab, even on the hardest days. “Keep dancing,” is written on her soul.

Her creativity and love of life shines through even on the most brutal of days. 

While Leah’s medical bills and rehab costs are being covered by Workers' Compensation, there are so many costs up ahead that will not automatically be covered. Equipment to help her continue to enjoy the outdoors, a wheelchair accessible house, a car that can be outfitted for her to drive with her hands - these are all areas that are not fully covered but which will be essential in helping Leah thrive in the upcoming chapters of her beautiful life. 

Every dollar raised through Big Love for Tiny will help get our love warrior back to living a gorgeous, independent, artistic life. Thank you so very much. You all give us hope. 

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